When was the last time you opened your mailbox, reached inside, and pulled out a handwritten note addressed to you?

Do you remember how that made you feel? I know it’s something powerful and magical about a hand written note; in 2012 I was inspired to create a collection of greeting cards to remind people of the power of connecting life’s fleeting moments and those of our Ancestors. After much prayer and meditation, I named the collection Honoring Hue.

Mom, “we can do this”. My kids played a major role in the creation of Honoring Hue, who knew that my son’s travel baseball road trip was the beginning of a family legacy.

As we strolled down the main streets of downtown Rome, GA., we came across a quaint gift shop that carried vintage greeting cards. The cards were nice and they caught our attention, but we felt they lacked “something”. That “something” turned out to be “hue”. I define hue as a pure spectrum of colors. Our cards are refreshing, recreated,and reimagined,

Honoring Hue is a collection of nostalgic inspired greeting cards; it’s a simple way to share your story. Each card marries the past and the present by recognizing the history and people who have been inspirational along the way. Each card tells its own story through historical photos and rich sepia hues.

I will never forget receiving my first Honoring Hue card and how it made me feel. In fact, my son created and presented me with the first Honoring Hue card to inspire me to keep going.

I am grateful for my daughter Kai and son Cayden! I have always felt as a parent I should inspire my family, but it was my family that inspired me.

I am an entrepreneur, youth mentor, community leader, and mom – I know firsthand that true self-development requires authentic connections, constant self-care, commitment, hard work, a powerful mindset and never quitting. Whether it’s speaking to women in an intimate setting, picking up the kids for school or activities – I am certain that my life lessons will empower others on their journey to becoming their best self for themselves, their loved ones, and their community. I am honored to share my passion through the Honoring Hue Greeting Card Collection.

Kysha Cameron
Founder & CEO